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If you find an image(s) that you would like, note the number and contact me. You can send a check or through PayPal (artjudief@aol) and I will email you the digital image(s)

      1 image...$45     2 images   $80     3-4 images...$100

          Signature Prints are available upon request.

Welcome  CWTR  2023

Photos of the CWTR 2023 Ride at Black Lack

The photographs here try to capture the essence of the CWTR 2023 Ride at Black Lack. The photos are a reflection of the excitement, friendship, and joy of participating in the ride. I believe that every photo has a story to tell, and I strive to bring out the uniqueness of each moment through the camera. Browse through the portfolios to get a glimpse of the magic of this year's ride.

Signature Prints

Ride 1

Ride 2

Ride 3